The future is bright
for our growers!
in your community
the potential of the
agriculture sector
Providing the best Canadian-grown
vegetables for consumers in Canada
and around the world!
Over 20 commercial family farms in Manitoba
Our growers have some of the most
technologically advanced equipment and
storage programs in North America
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    Family Fun Day

    Peak of the Market's 17th Annual Family Fun Day will take place in August of 2015. There will be no Family Fun Day in 2014 as Peak of the Market's Distribution Centre is going through major renovations this Spring and Summer. Sorry we won't see you this year but we'll be back bigger and better in 2015.

    Click here for photos from 2013

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  • Hespler Farms

    Farm to School Fundraiser

    Manitoba & Alberta Schools (K-12) and Licensed Daycares, are invited to participate in a veggie fundraiser. Students sell bundles of Canadian grown vegetables and half the money collected is kept by the school or daycare. That's a 50% profit! Schools & Daycares can only participate once per year and veggies will be delivered on an agreed upon date between September and December 2014.

    Manitoba Information

      Alberta Information