Who We Are

Peak of the Market is a "not for profit" company driven by a dedicated group of growers and staff, with the goal of providing our customers with the best quality and service available. We are PEAK! Peak of the Market has grown quality produce for 78 years and supplies over 100 different varieties of vegetables. We are year round suppliers of various vegetables as Manitoba growers have one of the most technologically advanced storage programs anywhere in North America. Many vegetables can be stored for long periods in controlled environment storage facilities. In these storage facilities, the temperature, humidity and air movement are carefully monitored to ensure the vegetables are maintained in optimum condition to provide excellent quality and value to consumers. Some of the vegetables that can be stored for long periods are Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Parsnips, Cabbage and Shallots.

Peak of the Market vegetables have the well-deserved reputation for excellent quality. Our quality standards exceed the national standards and we stand behind the produce we grow. Peak of the Market was one of the first produce suppliers in North America to have a toll free consumer response line to address any consumer concerns.

Peak of the Market, along with the growers, employs over 1,000 Manitobans and injects over 130 million dollars a year into the economy. In addition to shipping vegetables in Canada, we also ship throughout the United States, and occasionally into Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Peak of the Market's last 5 years have proven to be the highest sales years in the company's 78-year history with 2019/20 being the highest sales year ever. These record-breaking sales were accomplished by obtaining sales in markets across North America including California, Florida, Texas and Washington. These areas also produce a large supply of vegetables but they recognize the quality and taste difference that Peak of the Market vegetables provide.

Peak of the Market operates in Manitoba under the Farm Products Marketing Act

Mission Statement

To create a united team of growers and staff focused on exceptional quality and service.

Values Statement

Our most important asset is our people.

We recognize the value and dignity of each and every individual. We are sensitive to the needs of others, both inside and outside of our organization. We always strive to be friendly, courteous, considerate, responsive, trusting and professional. We have and want to maintain a well trained, motivated and focused staff. We want our staff to have pride in their work and in belonging to our organization. We strive for excellence in communicating with our customers, growers and associates. We take pride in being a fair and equitable employer. We believe that work is an important part of life and we should have some fun while accomplishing our goals.

We require the highest ethical standards, honesty and professionalism in every thing we do. We insist on giving our best effort in all areas. We are willing to listen to new ideas and we share information with people inside and outside our organization. We encourage people to stand up for what they believe.

We strive to meet and exceed internal and external customer needs through innovation, flexibility, competence and teamwork. We feel a sense of urgency on all matters related to our customers and are always responsive. We want to "do it right" the first time and hope to build long-term customer loyalty. We make commitments with care and always live up to them. We say what we mean and do what we say. We work for excellence and continuous improvement and we are never satisfied with status quo.

We believe in sound environment practices. Reducing waste and recycling are part of our daily routine. We treat the land with respect and only use professional farming practices. We want to ensure the land is available for many generations to farm.

We want to earn and retain the respect of our community. We believe in giving back to the community where we live, work and raise our families. We donate more than one million pounds of fresh vegetables annually to community-based food banks throughout Manitoba. We encourage and support community work with charities and non-profit organizations.

At Peak of the Market, we pride ourselves not only on our top quality vegetables but also on our consistent and what we believe to be exceptional customer service. We know that every member of our team plays an important role in reaching and exceeding our goals. We realize that it is the growers and our co-workers who have built and expanded our business to where it is today.

If you sense that we are proud of our accomplishments, you are correct. Producers and staff are all dedicated to growing our business and fulfilling our customers' expectations. The numbers tell the story. The last 5 years have been the best sales years in our company's 78-year history with 2019/20 being the highest sales ever. This is no small feat!

Peak of the Market has also been honoured to receive several awards. They include:

  • "Community Service Award" in 2018 presented by Mayor Brian Bowman on behalf of the City of Winnipeg. The award was presented to Peak of the Market to recognize an exemplary organization for excellent leadership in the field of community service.
  • "Spirit of Winnipeg Award for Trade" in 2018 finalist as presented by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. This award celebrates companies who, through their trade efforts, have made a qualitative difference to Winnipeg's prosperity.
  • "CPMA Best/Most Creative Booth Award" as voted on by attendees/judges of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association shows in Vancouver 2018, 2014 & 2006, Toronto in 2017, Calgary in 2016 & 2012 and in Montreal in 2011 & 2007. CPMA is by far the largest trade show for fruits and vegetables in Canada and Peak of the Market is the only exhibitor ever to win this award eight times.
  • "Top 100 Canadian Food & Beverage Companies" in 2016. Food in Canada Magazine compiles the list based on sales. Peak of the Market was #49 in the top 100.
  • "Fresh Health Award" in February 2016 as presented by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association for Peak of the Market's promotion of the Half Your Plate message.
  • "The Red Book Business Character Award" from 2005 to 2019. This award is given to produce suppliers who have a reputation for high ethical trading practices, business competence and financial stability. Less than 7% of produce companies in North America have ever received this award.
  • "Spirit of Winnipeg Innovation Award" in 2015 in the large business category. The Spirit of Winnipeg Award celebrates innovative businesses that are thinking big and acting BOLD.
  • "Manitoba Taste Award for Innovation" in 2015 as presented by Food & Beverage Manitoba. This award recognizes a company that demonstrates innovation in any aspect of the company including processes, technology, research & development and health & safety.
  • "Outstanding Medium Business" 2015 finalist as judged by the MBiz Awards.
  • "Federated Co-Op Expo Best Booth Award" in 2013. The Expo takes place in Saskatoon every 5 years and includes companies representing all departments of the store.
  • "Employer of the Year" 2013 finalist. This award is given to a Manitoba company who has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment to their employees as judged by Food & Beverage Manitoba.
  • "Best of Show Award" for Peak of the Market's display at the Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference in Monterey, California in 2011. The PMA Foodservice Conference is the largest produce foodservice show in North America.
  • "Community Service Excellence Award" in 2011 presented by the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce.
  • "50 Fastest Growing Companies" in 2011. This was presented by the Manitoba Business Magazine recognizing the 50 fastest growing companies in Manitoba.
  • "Spirit of Winnipeg Award" finalist in 2011 as presented by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. This award is to recognize innovation and companies who have embraced change by taking a concept or idea and choosing to do things differently.
  • "Fresh Health Award" as presented by The Produce News Newspaper in 2011. The award recognizes the achievements of an organization in promoting better health among Canadians.
  • Lieutenant Governor's Award for "Outstanding Contribution to the Community" finalist in 2010. The award recognizes a business that has made an exceptional contribution to the well-being of the community and quality of life in Manitoba.
  • "Make It Real Award" as presented by the Yellow Pages Group in 2009. This award recognizes organizations across the country that strive for excellence in various aspects of community outreach such as environmental protection programs, fundraising for special events and humanitarian needs.
  • "Outstanding Small Business Award" finalist as judged by the Manitoba Business Awards in 2009.
  • "Agri-Food Award of Excellence" in the export category. This award recognizes a company's outstanding achievement in securing new and expanding export markets for Canadian Agri-Foods. Presented by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2008.
  • "Television Bureau of Canada Retail Commercial Award". This is the only national advertising competition with consumers from across Canada being the judges. Peak of the Market's "You've Grown" television campaign came in first place in the Agri-Farming category in 2008.
  • "Canadian Exporter of the Year" finalist. The Canadian Exporter of the Year Award honours firms that have shown excellence in international food markets through their strategic export approach and/or the marketing of innovative products in international markets. The top three Canadian companies received a trophy at the Canadian Agrifood Export Gala in Montreal in 2008.
  • "Outstanding Business Award" finalist as judged by the Manitoba Business Awards in 2008.
  • "The People Forward Award" for Rewards, Recognition and Retention Strategy in 2007. This award recognizes innovative strategies to overcome the challenges of employee turnover by the implementation of creative programs that inspire employees, keep them engaged in their work and lead to achievement of corporate objectives.
  • "The Excellence in Leadership Award" as presented by the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba in 2007. This award recognizes companies that have successfully demonstrated leadership in human resource programs by creating, developing and implementing initiatives that have resulted in significant and measurable benefits.
  • "HSBC Bank Canada Business Award" as presented by Volunteer Manitoba in 2007. This award recognizes businesses that encourage employee volunteerism and that actively participate in making the community better.
  • "Canada Brand Award" for a company that has invested resources to build customer relationships and understand their particular needs, offer solutions and provide continuous improvement. As well, a company who put processes in place to assure consistent quality and safety attributes in their products and demonstrated a commitment to innovation and respect for the environment. Presented by the Agri-Food Export Group Quebec - Canada in 2007.
  • "The Mayor's Volunteer Service Award" in 2006 for extraordinary efforts in developing creative solutions to problems and carrying out activities that demonstrate exceptional importance to the community.
  • "Community Builder Award" as presented by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in 2003. This is to recognize a Winnipeg business that has contributed above and beyond to their community.
  • "Volunteer Manitoba Award for Business" in 2002. This award recognizes a business for its outstanding volunteer work in the community.
  • "Outstanding Manitoba Ambassador" as judged by the Manitoba Business Awards in 2002. This award recognizes a company that has been an outstanding promoter of Manitoba through its out-of-province activities.
  • "Manitoba Website of the Year" in the Corporation Category as awarded by the Manitoba Library Association in 2002 for website ease of use and abundance of useful information.
  • "Manitoba Quality Award" for ongoing achievements in quality as awarded by the Manitoba Quality Network in 2002.
  • "Manitoba Quality Award" for commitment to quality as awarded by Manitoba Quality Network in 2001.
  • "Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies" in 1999 and re-qualified again in 2000 and 2001 as awarded by the National Post newspaper.

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