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Eighty years is a long time! But when so many wonderful people have been associated with your organization both near and far, you want to celebrate and tell the world! So, we’ll start sharing the news of our upcoming 80th anniversary with the announcement of a refresh to our brand.

“I am very proud to announce the new Peak of the Market logo as shown at the top of this announcement,” said CEO, Pamela Kolochuk. “The new logo represents a refreshed take on the Peak of the Market brand as we move into our eightieth anniversary celebration.”

“The yellow and red diamond is well recognized by the industry and consumers alike. A complete change would erase eight decades of history. When so many people trust the quality that Peak of the Market has offered for so many years, rather giving all of that up, we have taken a fresh approach to a truly well-respected brand,” Kolochuk said.

You’ll notice that the diamond shape, synonymous with Peak of the Market, now encases a freshened-up font. The red lettering is easier to read and will be more legible on packaging and products. The edges of the diamond are now sharp and angular representing the strength and pride afforded to a brand that has been around for generations. A maple leaf has been added to “dot” the letter “i” in the word “Canadian” to reinforce the message that we are proud to be part of the Canadian fresh produce market. The leaf icon at the top of the logo has been added to acknowledge the growth of the company as well as the importance of our agricultural roots. Finally, the importance of our website is reinforced by the inclusion of the website address in the logo. We will be launching a new website soon and changing our main web address to peakofthemarket.com to ensure it can be easily found when searching for it.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful staff working alongside dedicated Peak of the Market Growers to ensure success as we move into our eightieth year. We’ve come a long way in eighty years and we look forward to many more prosperous developments in the years to come. Cheers to eighty years!

We are PEAK!

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