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Peak of the Market Free Recipe App for SmartPhones and Tablets

Peak of the Market Growers will donate 20 pounds of fresh vegetables, up to 1 Million pounds, to the Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank for every person who downloads the free "Peak Recipes" App by October 31, 2014.
  • Over 4,000 free recipes at your fingertips! No internet connection required.
  • Refine your recipe search using any combination of keywords or predefined ingredients and meal types.
  • Rate recipes you try and add the ones you like to your favorites list.
  • Add a recipe you'd like to try to your shopping list and check off items as you shop.
  • Assign custom notes or extra items to your shopping list recipes.
  • Use the "Quick Pick" option to quickly get a randomly selected recipe.
  • Font resizing options.

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